Jessica Boehm (left) and Aubree Abril at the Arizona capitol. (Chloe Brooks/DD)
When the framers of the Constitution wrote that famous document in 1787, they determined the policies and leaders that would affect young America for years to come. Today’s students are faced with similar decisions as they find themselves suddenly responsible for shaping the policies and leaders of communities that are often new and unfamiliar to them. These bloggers believe that in order to truly improve a government, there must first be an informed constituency. Phoenix Framers promotes civic engagement and familiarizes students with local leaders and issues.

Aubree Abril is a journalism sophomore who is passionate about politics. Aubree has always loved American history, but she fell in love with politics when she visited Washington D.C. three years ago. Now she enjoys discovering how government works at a local level. Aubree’s goal is to work as a political reporter, helping others stay informed.

Jessica Boehm is a journalism sophomore with a knack for civic engagement. The democratic process enticed Jessica from a young age, and she now enjoys helping her peers see the importance of being informed and engaged. She also writes a blog called Future First Lady that centers around engagement and education. Jessica’s largest career goal is to reform and renovate political journalism, resulting in a society that enjoys political participation.

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